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Tokyo-based Japanese musician, born in June 6.
A voice performer, pianist, composer, and lyricist.

Maki Hachiya's musical activity is focusing on improvisational voice performances. With voices, she expresses her emotions and passions, rather than words and meaning, originated time by time in her mind and delivers them to audiences. Fabricating and shaping with voice instrumental a variety of forms and colorful images, Maki is a "voice" painter or architect (she once wanted to be apainter).
When vocalizing, she metamorphoses herself into creatures and things such as a bird, wind, rain, trees/leaves, thunder and maybe everything in the universe, natural and imaginary. She is also composing and singing various original pieces. Her verses are intuitive and magical. She invented various Maki-words and phrases unseen in dictionaries, which charm, daze, and stun us, sending to another world. Her singing standard jazz will move listeners.

In her early life, she learned the classical piano. She was especially fond of, and inspired by, J.S. Bach, Robert Schumann and modern French classical music. When young, she was absorbed in listening to and learned a wide range of music, including rock, jazz, world's folk, artificial and electronics sounds/noises and natural sounds. She began her live activities as a keyboard instrument player such as piano and synthesizer. One day in her twenties, she suddenly became aware of, almost intuitively, theinstrumentalness of her own body, then pursuing a career as a voice performer.
She relearned jazz piano and started experimental and improvisational live activities intensively, through which she tried to deconstruct and then re-construct repeatedly her original pieces. It was such a trial-and-error era when she coincidently, probably fatefully, met Takayuki Kato, the Japan's notable guitarist and improvisor, who decisively affected her subsequent musical performance, attitude and playing style.
Hachiya since then has devoted herself to "voice"and"improvisation" through live stages and collaboration with performers of various fields, pursuing new and her own sounds.

She released two CDs, long-awaited her leader albums, in September, 2008
【DREAM VISION】: by《Micro-Macro》Maki Hachiya (voice & p), Takauki Kato (a-g)
Intensive and lyrical collection of improvisational pieces. Guitar, voice and piano interact, erupt, pause, meditate and unite with each other. Submerging deep and flying high, Kato and Hachiya create a dynamic, dramatic and strained sound space. Hachiya's piano is splendid.
【KI NO KOE (Voice of Tree)】: by《Ki no Koe》Maki Hachiya (voice, effects, toys), Norikatsu Koreyasu (w-b)
Hachiya's talent as a vocalist, lyricist and composer is exploded. Her fearless, adventurous and sometimes funny style will unlock and grab the mind of audiences. Original and standard pieces are skillfully organized in tracks. Koreyasu's powerful bass playing is convincing, inventive and meditative.

- Maki Hachiya has composed and vocalize pieces for film arts, television programs and other art events. Very popular among them are vocal performances for a series of motion pictures directed by Takashi Miike ("Gozu", "Dead or Alive", etc.).
- Composing and performances for 70th anniversary event at Ohara Museum of Art (Kurashiki, Japan). In 2000, Maki Hachiya was called for collaboration by the director of the museum (Mr.Kenichiro Ohara, a descendant of the founder), who coincidently knew Hachiya at her live concert and there decided to elect her composer/performer for the planned memorial concert of the Japan's first-founded western art museum. Accepting it, she composed and played the suite with co-players in front of the Museum's exhibiting pictures of Miro, Matisse and Gauguin. This concert was one of the most impressive events through her musical life until now, she said.
- She also composed and performed various pieces for TV/FM radio documentary/dramas.

《Micro-Macro》: Maki Hachiya (voice, p), Takayuki Kato (a-g)
《Ki no Koe (Voice of Tree)》: Maki Hachiya (voice, effects, toys), Norikatsu Koreyasu (w-b)
《HANA●TORI (Frower●Bird)》: Maki Hachiya (vo, voice, compose), Nobumasa Tanaka (p)
《Tokyo Deep》: Maki Hachiya (solo performance/voice, p, etc)
《Cool Glade Plays Tristano-Konitz》: (link for Koichi Hiroki's website) Koichi Hiroki (g), Hiroshi Yoshino (b), Nobuko Ariake (vib), Maki Hachiy (voice)
《Hook Chew Radio Station》: Maki Hachiya (voice, vocal electronics, p, compose), Takayuki Kato (a-g, e-g), Hiroyuki Eizuka (b), Ken-ichi Matsumoto (sax, reeds)
《KERO-FUKU》: Yuki Saga (voice), Maki Hachiya (voice)
《DAIGO KANPACHI MARU》: Masaru Goto (voice, perc, g), Maki Hachiya (voice, p)
《ASH》: Ryojir, o Furusawa (ds, perc), Junichiro Matsukawa (g, vo), Noriyuki Takahashi (b), Taisei Aoki (tb), Kenta Tsugami (as), Youichiro Kita (tp)Ryuichi Yoshida (bs, fl), Shinji Sato (ds), Junzo Oosawa (ds), Mika Fjinoki (perc, voice), Maki Hachiya (voice)

CO-PLAYERS (Partial List) :
Takayuki Kato (g), Norikatsu Koreyasu (b), Ryojiro Furusawa (ds), Takeshi Shibuya (p), Nobumasa Tanaka (p), Naoki Kita (vln), Hiromichi Sakamoto (cello), Suga Dairo (p), Yuki Saga (voice), Koichi Makigami (voice), Yoichi Okabe (perc), Akira Sotoyama (ds), Nobuyoshi Ino (b), Hiroshi Yoshino (b), Yoriyuki Harada (p), Shota Koyama (ds), Kazutoki Umezu (sax, cl), Daisuke Fuwa (b), Koichi Hiroki (g), Hiroyuki Eizuka (b), Kenichi Matsumoto (sax, reeds), Satoko Fujii (piano), Natsuki Tamura (tp), Yoshiaki Sato (accordion), etc.

O-PLAYERS (Foreign Visitors: Partial List) :
Bill Horist, Hugues Vincent, Raymond MacDonald, Marcos Fernandes, Hans Fjellestad, Hans Koch, Toshi Makihara, Gianni Gebbia, Jim O'Rourke, Hardcore Chambermusic, Kelly Churko, Paed Conca, Read Yassin, Gideon Juckes, etc.

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